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To change your password: Log into your account, then at the top where your full name is mentioned, click on "Change password."

From the main page of skywalker.gr – Jobs in Greece, click on the "More options" link located below the main search, and after the first search, below the "Job search" field, click on "Search Filters."

There are job ads for Vouchers, but not a specific category. To see job listings related to "Voucher", go to the search and in the "Employment" field write "voucher". Click on the "Search" button, and the system automatically shows you the corresponding job ads.

There are ads for internships, but not a specific category. To see job listings for "Internship" positions, go to the search, and in the "Employment Type" field select "Internship". Click on the "Search" button, and the system automatically shows you the relevant ads.

By creating an account, you have the opportunity to store your resume in the skywalker.gr database – Work in Greece, and in this way, companies can easily access it. Additionally, with your account, a file is created with job listings to which you've sent your resume in the last six (6] months. You can also use the job alert service by saving job listing searches. This way, you will be notified via email every time a listing is posted that matches your search criteria. Lastly, you can follow your favorite companies and receive updates every time a job listing is posted and save listings you're interested in so you can send your resume en masse with the click of a button.

You can change any field you wish by simply clicking on the "Edit" button located next to each section.

Of course not. You can send as many resumes as you want to as many job listings as you want.

Yes. You can attach up to two (2] resume files and one (1] photo file to each account.

They cover all of Greece and abroad, always according to the needs of the collaborating companies.

Through your account and in the "Resume Files" field, click on "Edit". Then you are directed to the page with the existing resumes. There, click the "Delete" link located next to the resume file you wish to delete.

New job positions are posted daily. You can find them on the main page of skywalker.gr – Jobs in Greece either by clicking the "Search" button to see full-page listings or by clicking the "Small Ads" button.

Of course, there is. Follow the instructions:
1] Log in to the skywalker.gr – Jobs in Greece system or register as a candidate

Candidate Login
2. Through the job search engine, find the appropriate job based on criteria
Job Search
3. Save your search and activate a new notification
4. You're ready to receive notifications based on the job that interests you.

The process is as simple as creating an email account, and it is free. You can create your account by clicking on the "Login/Register" button from the main page of skywalker.gr - Jobs in Greece or by selecting "Post Resume" from the main page. By filling in the fields of the form and clicking "register", you create your account. All that's left is to click on the link you will receive in your email to activate your account. Alternatively, you can log in via your Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn account.

Of course. You can send your resume either as a simple visitor by just filling in your email and attaching your resume or by creating an account. However, if you create an account, you have some additional advantages.

Listings are posted on our page for thirty (30] days. However, some companies wish for their listings to remain active for a longer period. In this case, they are renewed for an additional 30 days, with a new publication and expiration date.

This is because some businesses, for corporate reasons, do not wish to disclose their details.

You are automatically notified by the system that your resume has been successfully sent, then you are informed via e-mail about the successful dispatch, and if the company has requested/recorded a response letter, you are notified via e-mail by the company's response letter.

To delete your account: Log into your account, then at the top where your full name is mentioned, click on "Delete account."

Skywalker.gr – Jobs in Greece respects personal data and fully complies with the GDPR regulation and all national regulations. You can find our privacy policy here: https://www.skywalker.gr/el/politiki-aporritou. Additionally, through the account you create, you are provided with the necessary privacy settings tools so that only what you wish appears to the employers who will use the CV search service from our database.

If you have forgotten your password, after clicking on "Login/Register", click on "I have forgotten my password." Next, fill in the e-mail with which you created your account and press "Send." Finally, check your inbox and search for the e-mail sent to you.

At the end of each job ad, there is a heart icon. This heart is the "Save Advertisement" feature. To save ads, you need to create an account.

Your resume file should be in .doc, .docx, .txt, or .pdf format and should not exceed 4 MB. The photo should be in .jpeg, .png, or .gif format and should not exceed 2 MB.

The company receives your resume as you send it. Skywalker.gr – Jobs in Greece does not intervene.

On the main page of skywalker.gr - Jobs in Greece and in the boxes at the bottom, choose our site "walker.gr", which specializes in job offers, and the posting of the job ads is done for free.

At the bottom of the job listing, there is a link to social media for promoting each ad.

This space is used for companies that have more than 2 branded job listings on our site at the same time and don't belong to any of the sectors available on the main page of skywalker.gr - Jobs in Greece. It doesn't mean they offer better job opportunities than others.

No. All services offered to candidates are completely free.

Skywalker.gr - Jobs in Greece is the first Greek platform that has been operating since 1999 until today in job search.

Ads related to job positions, without logo display and with a word limit.

The ads of the Free Press Skywalker.gr are selected ads from skywalker.gr - Jobs in Greece.

Skywalker.gr - Jobs in Greece operates as a website that publishes job ads. We are not a recruitment agency or human resources consultants. However, we periodically organize seminars and broader actions related to the job market, where you can participate for free and get useful information on interesting and useful topics such as the CV, social media, and the interview.

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