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Terms of Use

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The website skywalker.gr is owned and operated by D. Fyntanis & Co EE. These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between skywalker.gr and (you] the unregistered users or users of this website (natural persons or legal entities] who register accounts. By using our website and our services you agree to be legally bound by the following terms and conditions, including our privacy policy, our cookie policy, any additional terms and conditions which apply to services provided by third parties. We deserve the right to change or modify the terms or conditions, always in compliance with all relevant legislation and codes of practice. These terms and conditions govern all skywalker.gr existing services or any additional ones. You are bound not to access, use and process the material of the site for any unauthorized purpose. Otherwise, if possible, you are requested not to use our site, declaring any objections to get under consideration. Visiting the pages of this site as well as the use of any material provided through these pages imply unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.

1. Identity – Purpose

Skywalker.gr is owned by the company name “FYNTANIS DIMITRIOS & CO LP” based in the municipality of Ilioupoli, Attica. The aim of skywalker.gr is to serve as a venue for employment in Greece, the EU and globally. Any kind of communication via or due to the services of the website must be developed in this context. The material provided on the site is purely informative and/or promotional and in no way can it constitute legal advice or suggestion to the registered or unregistered user.

2. General Terms of Use

Skywalker.gr services are provided only to adults using any or all services at their own risk either as individuals seeking employment or on behalf of companies seeking to recruit staff. You are bound to use skywalker.gr solely for personal or business use in a manner that does not violate any of these terms or the legal rights of others. By way of example, and not as a limitation, you agree not to use skywalker.gr to acquire, alter or disseminate personal data of others or pose a threat of harm to the security and proper operation of the site. It is forbidden to copy all or part of the website. Its use, specified in these terms and conditions of service, should be made under the principles of legality and good faith, consistent with the provisions of the agreement between the company and the user. Every use of skywalker.gr services, access to information, website pages, use of resources and contact details, use of form, push button with the words “Send”, “Yes”, “OK” and communication via e-mail, fax, post or telephone require full acceptance of all terms of use mentioned herein. All copyright, database rights and other intellectual property rights in the site and the material available on the site belongs to skywalker.gr or its third-party suppliers. Use of the site does not give you any proprietary rights in such materials.

3. Access to CV database

We make our best efforts to ensure your uninterrupted access by using your confidential password in line with our general policies. Skywalker.gr does the best for its proper operation, database maintenance, error correction, proper data transmission, content enrichment and update. Under the copyright and database right protection provisions, you are not allowed either to disclose your confidential password or grant the right to use, which you enjoy (free of charge or in return for payment] to a third party. The right to access the CV database is derived from the terms of service contract and it is exclusively intended to meet your strictly private or business needs. It is forbidden to export and/or reuse all or substantial part of the CV database as well as any other database process infringing the database developer or data subject rights. By export we mainly understand any permanent or temporary transmission of all or a substantial part of the database material and reuse is meant any public distribution of all or a substantial part of the database material by means of copy distribution, license, leasing or any form of transmission. In addition, repeated and regular exporting and/or reusing even insubstantial parts of the CV database contents are prohibited insofar as such use is made in a manner that overrides the legitimate interests of the database owner/developer. Under the terms of service contract, you only acquire the right to use the base and no proprietary rights are granted. You may print or download your search results on your personal computer as well as create a limited number of database copies for your business internal needs. In respect of any personal data accessed or otherwise processed as a result of your access to the site or the services, you agree that you shall be the sole data controller of such personal data for the purposes of the GDPR and, as such, shall be solely responsible for its processing. In this case, data subjects should be notified about the name and contact details of the data controller (your company name], the processing time (default: until candidate’s selection, up to 6 months] as well as the name and contact details of your Data Protection Officer (with the contact phone number visible]. In the event the data will be transferred to third parties service providers, data subjects should also be notified about the context and the purposes. You should also inform data subjects about their rights determined by the General Data Protection Regulation and proceed with further processing only if the subjects have given their full consent. In any case, recruiters/subscribers must comply with their responsibilities as data controllers under the General Data Protection Regulation (EU] 2016/679.

4. Limitations of use – Prohibitions

It is expressly forbidden to transmit, distribute, disseminate, publish, display, upload, etc. posts on the skywalker.gr website containing malicious, abusive, offensive, pornographic, defamatory, misleading, obscene, and generally material that infringes the rights of any registered or unregistered user and skywalker.gr website provided for by the applicable law provisions and, especially, the rights regarding the protection of human dignity, honor and reputation, privacy, minority and professional reputation. Written material regarding personality traits, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability, race, religion, political opinions or any other types of discrimination that offend or impair the candidate’s personality or business reputation. Any action that is aimed at threatening or harassing third parties, disclosing personal data and information of others (natural person or legal entity] and in general using the site for purposes other than those for which this site was developed and operates is expressly forbidden. All users have access to our services on their responsibility and are required to act in good faith. Any use of the services for purposes other than those determined, access to non-public information, attempt to distort material, unauthorized control of the system, unnecessary burden of resources, harassment of other users or any action against skywalker.gr with or without the use of special means will be deemed as a breach of confidentiality in communication and/or transactions, and prosecution of any involved offender will be sought.

5. Services and Charges

The services provided by skywalker.gr are limited to those mentioned or referred therein. Skywalker.gr does not assume any financial or other obligation to third parties that is required to use or access its services. All recruitment companies as well as organizations or institutions that support job seekers in Greece free of charge are encouraged to use the above services. All unregistered users can browse freely skywalker.gr website under the terms and conditions of this agreement, be informed about vacancies, job offer ads, volunteering, advertisements and any service offered by our website. Services for unregistered users and job applicants are free of charge. The registered users can upload their CV on the website or create a profile within their skywalker.gr account, fully manage the data provided and allow or restrict third-party access to all or part of the data included, free of charge. If you choose to make your profile visible, but your personal information hidden, customers that have purchased access to or are otherwise entitled to use Totaljobs’s CV database will have access to parts of your profile such as current job title, current salary, key skills, personal summary and application history. For these profiles no name, no e-mail address, no phone number or CV will be displayed. All other data you have provided as part of your profile will be fully accessible to CV database. If you choose to make your profile active and public, you grant access (including a search functionality and download] to and disclose your complete profile and the attachments thereto as well as the last activity date to CV database users as part of an active and public profile we may also provide a link to a profile about you on a publicly available business related social media website we have found about you to CV database search users. The services provided by the website that are subject to a charge are described in the corresponding order forms and constitute, including the other terms, a product of the contracting parties to the agreement, namely skywalker.gr and the customer, natural or legal entity. In view of the above agreement, a service contract is concluded by filling in and sending the special order form. These terms and conditions of use constitute an integral part of the service contract. The commercial potential of skywalker.gr services is described only by the traffic statistics of the site as recorded by the operating system. Relevant figures are provided by the executives of our company only after personal contact. These figures are only quantitative and do not include any kind of qualitative or other features. Changes in charges apply on the day of their publication.

6. Company Rights and Liability

Skywalker.gr reserves the right to refuse to grant a password or cancel a password or terminate service provision to the users and refuse any current or future use of the site or CV database in case of breach of these terms and conditions of use or the applicable law or General Data Protection Regulation requirements. The users agree that they are responsible for the content of any document they supply on the website and for any consequence, damage or harm to the company, other users or third parties resulting from the use of that document. Candidates are solely responsible for their CV content and application to a job ad. They are discouraged to include sensitive personal data in their CVs. In such a case, the company is not held responsible for any matter that may arise regarding the data they have provided. The companies/recruiters that enjoy the website services grant the company the right to use their name and logo to serve the needs of attracting candidates and promoting their services. Users are forbidden to use any name or logo displayed on the site without the prior consent of the company or any other copyright holder. Users bind and declare unreservedly that the information they supply, when registering or placing an order, is true, complete and accurate and ensure that it remains as it is in future transactions. In addition, they agree to use the relevant access provided by the website to update their data whenever they change. Otherwise, skywalker.gr has the right to suspend or terminate their account and not allow any current or future use of the services (or any part thereof]. skywalker.gr bears no responsibility for the use of credit cards by adults or minors without the prior approval of the owner.

7. Website Security – Limitation of liability

The company carries out constant audits to ensure safe and uninterrupted use of the website for you, free of malware (e.g. viruses] and possible arbitrary access to user personal information. Since there is no infallible security system, the company cannot guarantee that its efforts will always be highly efficient concerning its website and its hosting provider. In this regard, we are not responsible for any loss or damage that may be caused to the users as result of unsuccessful attempts and it is pointed out that the users are required to take all necessary security and protection measures for their system. Skywalker.gr declares responsibly that it is neither aware nor does it keep any information about your credit card used in the process of completing orders. Your choice to use your credit card automatically leads to a secure Viva Payments website. All data required and used to the completion of the charge are kept by Viva Payments according to the operating rules governing such transactions.

8. Liability for information

Our company is not responsible for checking the validity and availability of the information included in its website. Consequently, our company is not responsible for any untrue information that may be included in its website and the users are encouraged to check the information and its use.

9. Links to other sites

As part of the services provided by our company, this site may link via posted ads or banners to other websites whose providers bear full responsibility for the lawfulness, security and validity of their content. Users are required to exercise caution and comply with the terms of use of these websites. Our company assumes no responsibility for anything arising from their use.

10. Protection of intellectual property rights and other distinguishing features

Except for specific rights of third parties expressly recognized (intellectual and other], for the protection of which third parties bear sole responsibility, all material contained in this site at any time, including, but not limited to, the content, design, layout, software, data, programs, illustrations, texts, graphics, services provided and in general any kind of document as well as distinguishing features, logos, trade names and trademarks belongs to skywalker.gr company and is protected by Greek, EU and international law. This content may not be wholly or partly a subject of trade, copy, modification, reproduction, broadcast, or be transmitted or distributed in any way by users unless written authorization has been given by the company or any other copyright holder. Users are forbidden to use any name or logo of others displayed on the site without the prior consent of the company or any other copyright holder.

11. Personal Data Protection

In order to accomplish its purpose, skywalker.gr hereby notifies through this contract and through the privacy policy of the company, which is an integral part of this contract, that it collects your personal data. The users consent that the company may always keep and process these data in a lawful way, in good faith and fair practices for the purposes they supplied them to skywalker.gr, as well as in accordance with anything mentioned in the privacy policy of our site. All communications, data transfer or mining, data processing, and any other process that starts, ends or includes skywalker.gr operations must comply with both the applicable legislation and the General Data Protection Regulation (EU] 2016/679 requirements.

12. Termination and Suspension

The company may modify, suspend provision or terminate all or part of the services and conditions of use without notice if it determines that the unregistered/registered users have violated any of the terms of their contract or the applicable legislation or the General Data Protection Regulation (EU] 2016/679 requirements and its obligation is discharged by refunding the unused and prepaid services.

13. Indemnification

The users (you] agree that if your actions cause by any means damage to our company, you are liable to not only indemnify the company, but also pay all relevant expenses, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs arising from this illegal or unauthorized action. In the event, the registered/unregistered user of the services of the website or CV database is a company representative, it is presumed that the company agrees to these terms and therefore becomes liable to indemnify our company and our employees for any claim or demand arising from the use of the services or from the breach of any provision of these terms. The indemnification includes lawyers’ fees and expenses that may arise from the action mentioned above. You agree that in case of acting unlawfully or in contradiction with the present terms and the legal framework governing the use of the website, you will indemnify the company for any positive or/and potential damage suffered by your unlawful or unauthorized action including a document you placed on the website.

14. Applicable Law and Jurisdiction

The use of the site is consistent with the General Data Protection Regulation, the applicable Greek legislation, EU and international law, which are binding on registered and unregistered users as well as on our company, which has to respect the laws and rules of law related to the intellectual property, personal data protection, trademark law, privacy and consumer protection provisions, and a host of other provisions governing the use and operation of websites. The above provisions also govern this contract and the individual service contracts concluded with clients/recruiters. The company respects all the above rules of law of the Greek, European and international legal order, as well as your right of informative self-determination within the framework of the Constitution of Greece. Any provision of the above terms made contrary to the law automatically ceases to be in effect without in any case affecting the validity of the others. The competent courts of Athens are responsible for resolving disputes arising in connection with the above.

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