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The story behind

Τhe idea of Kivotos (Ark in Greek) was born almost 30 years ago, when Spyros Michopoulos opened in Mykonos the first boutique hotel in Greece: the legendary Kivotos Mykonos. Just as Noah’s Ark protected everything that was precious on earth, Kivotos Mykonos was created to safeguard and celebrate a growing collection of artworks, decorative objects and furniture that Michopoulos had collected on his travels around the world.

Another aspect of the story

In 2019, Kivotos expanded in Santorini island, with the opening of Kivotos Santorini ,highlighting another aspect of the Ark story: the cathartic power of a deluge, the possibility of starting over, the intimacy and the mating. In a Volcanic place like Santorini, there is a vivid sense that creation and destruction are sides of the same coin – the island after all owes its extraordinary beauty to a catastrophic event.

The next day

Today Philip and Jason Michopoulos, the sons of Kivotos’ visioner Spyros Michopoulos, successfully hold the reins of Kivotos Hotels and Villas, leading the company to a new era of more expansions and inclusions at the same time.

Kivotos is not only a well-established brand in Hospitality, it is a philosophy, it is way of life and that is depicted to the heartfelt service of its team members. Kivotos hotels and villas, is both a working shelter for someone to feel safe and at the same time a solid ground to express yourself and grow fast.

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