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EM Resorts is a modern, upscale hospitality complex, with a customized, warm and friendly approach to service, totally in accordance with the Euliving (“Eu-Zin”, live life in quality standards” as the ancient Greeks promoted) blessing of basking in a totally carefree recreational time.

E.M Resorts, -an acronym that stands for the full name of the facility’s investor Emmanouil Mathioulakis and connotes the two sibling hotels Minoa and Euphoria,- is a luxury, dual 5-star complex, situated in the Chania district in Crete.

History Minoa

Minoa Palace Resort was established in 2002 in the popular tourist resort of Platanias, in the Chania district area, (an approximately 30 minute driving distance from the Chania airport), in order to provide guests with unforgettable journeys, sprinkled throughout by authentic cretan flair. The initial structure comprised the main building and bungalows, Since 2008, the new imperial wing is fully operational and both buildings are now interlinked with an aerial bridge, giving both access to the beach.

Minoa Palace enthralls guests with its adherence to a perpetually channeled and renewed aura of classical serenity, intermingled with an omnipresent feeling of coziness and elegance and a refined clinging to artistic embroidery of all sorts. Its majestic surroundings, the miraculous views to the shimmering Aegean Sea and the White Mountains and the happy-go-lucky demeanor of the local cretan flavor, render Minoa into the perfect vacation tale to live. And live for.

History Euphoria

In 2014, a 60.000 sq. m coastal holding was purchased near the seaside village of Kolymbari, just 14 miles away from Chania. It took just 4 years for a new hive of recreational endearment to be operational, as 2018 saw the inauguration of Euphoria Resort, an all-inclusive family-oriented shell of leisure break, with modern, spacious rooms, opulent interiors, pools- both indoors and outdoors- and various fitness facilities.

This state-of-the-art “green” beach-front facility, is a beacon of enticement in every sense of the word. A recreational spellbinder with spacious and captivating venues, both indoors and outdoors, Euphoria takes its “premium all-inclusive” label to a whole new level of quality and service. The resort houses a whole range of options in gastronomy, kids’ facilities, entertainment and fitness activities and hosts one of the biggest pools in Greece, a 3500 sq. m. extravaganza at the top end of the highest of expectations.

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