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Kinsterna Hotel & Spa, Monemvasia

Just on the outskirts of Monemvasia, the fairytale-like castle city in the southern Peloponnese, the design boutique hotel Kinsterna Hotel & Spa welcomed its first guests during spring 2010, in the most stunning and romantic premises.

A Luxury Boutique Hotel

We invite you to take a trip to Monemvasia & experience a unique luxury hotel in one of the Peloponnese’s most romantic destinations.

Prepare to experience first-hand a truly romantic honeymoon escape to one of the best hotels in Greece!

A short distance from the beautiful Medieval castle-city of Monemvasia, secluded in the property’s astonishing & verdant private ground, the Kinsterna Hotel & Spa offers its visitors flawless hospitality with a strong focus on romance, wellness and authenticity.

The history, location & unique architecture of the Byzantine era rural mansion where it is situated, makes Kinsterna Hotel & Spa a truly unique boutique design hotel.

The diligent and painstaking refurbishment, the renovation and conversion of the building into a luxury hotel, kept the ancient cistern that lies at the mansion’s heart as the central point of the hotel, while the byzantine word for "cistern" became the hotel’s name, Kinsterna.

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