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In June 1990 founded the company “Ioannis Arg. Kourouniotis SA’’, with intense activity and presence in the wholesale footwear. Originally established in footwear slipper and slowly expanded to a wider range of footwear for men, women , children for both casual and active lifestyle.

With many years of experience and excellent staffing, the retail network of the company now has more than 60 stores across Greece.

The company having strong activity in the trade of footwear and accessories, has previously won major awards for the growth and quality by recognized companies such as ICAP, including it in the «STRONGEST COMPANIES IN GREECE"​ which classifies the market-leading companies in the area and one of «MOST ADMIRED ENTERPRICES 2018», STAT BANK. Basics superiority of the brand, are the undoubted quality of the final product in conjunction with the production flexibility and design as well as product - price relationship.

Fully qualified individuals with deep knowledge and love for the subject , constantly updated on new trends in the field of fashion footwear, taking part in the largest and most remarkable exhibitions held around the world , securing the lead in quality and taste.

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