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The Ranch” has been staffed by co-workers who are highly distinguished for their VIRTUE, their incredible DYNAMISM and unsurpassed PATHOS for what they have undertaken to engage themselves to, so as to reassure and provide you and your loved ones the most ideal conditions of Security and Trust, thing which will enable you to enjoy yourselves in our premises with no worries.

In addition, the professional and skill trained expertise of each and every one of our member-staff of “The Ranch” in individual fields of activities, leaves no doubt whatsoever that there will always be present a new and most interesting activity which nonetheless will tempt you to try it out!

The staff which is so closely working in “The Ranch” has been meticulously chosen under strict rules and regulations and after long extensive practice and trials on this field of work along with an extensive lengthy personal interview, thus today we can be mighty proud to acclaim that we unquestionably have embodied one of the best & most excellent management team not only of Greece but of Europe as well.

Our full service highly equipped clinic is able to meet all possible needs of 1st aid on a 24 hour basis.

Furthermore, “The Ranch” with its highly specialized/trained security staff  ensures you the best possible security of the premises as well as of the visitors in the so premises on a 24 hour non-stop continual basis. 

Last but not least, our dietician, our chef and his unquestionably well trained team ensure the best most tasteful and healthiest variety of dishes prepared to  surprise the palate of all of our young as well as the older of friends in “The Ranch.”

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