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LACOMAR S.A. is a company in the marble business, which was founded in Greece in 1962 and specializes in Greek marble quarries, cutting facilities and exports

The company deals with most of the White and Semi White Greek materials such as White Thassos, White Sivec, White Volakas, White Kyknos, White Naxos, Dory White and many others colored such as Ligourio Marron, Red Candia, Spider, Silver Grey, etc.

The company is very active in exports of blocks, slabs and tiles, as well as cut to size marbles

Recently commenced operations of a brand new factory in Drama, Greece with the latest technological infrastructure

The main orientation of the company is exporting the above products all over the world through LACOMAR S.A or LACOMAR OVERSEAS LTD (CYPRUS)

A lot of projects also have been undertaken as well as completed with success in the past, such as big shopping malls, hotels, airports, museums, metro stations etc in Far East, Australia, Middle East, Africa and Europe.

Due to the need of having a share in the Greek market, because of the imminent Olympic Games in Athens on 2004, LACOMAR S.A. has chosen to cooperate with PISANI LTD in order to create a new status, more efficient and competitive and by this way to respond better to the limited deadlines of the domestic market.

PISANI has its origins in the Italian company of the same name founded around 1900. The British company has expanded considerably until now and has two depots in the United Kingdom (one in the area of Matlock and the second in the area of Feltham) and also quarries in Bulgaria (VRATSA LIMESTONE).

So on 2002 the company LACOMAR PISANI (HELLAS) S.A was founded.

The new company has insured a special wealthy depot of first class materials from all over the world by which was supplied its own stock yards continuously in the United Kingdomand in Italy.

InGreecethecompanyLACOMAR-PISANI (HELLAS) S.A.hasdecidedwithin 2003 to construct one of the most modern exhibitions/stock yards of Europe in the area of Ag. AsomatoiinKoropi. Inthesefacilitiesthatextendinanareaof12.000 M² there are two cranes and a constant stock of more than 25.000 M² slabs and tiles of marbles, granites, sandstone and semi precious stones in a very big range of colors.

The Company pays special attention in the colored materials that are being exposed in a roofed building of 700 M² and also one outdoors exhibition.

The choice of this union was very successful, since the new company has undertaken the materials supply and installation to almost all the projects that concern the renovation of the biggest hotels in Athens, as well as public buildings, Metro stations, hospitals, theaters etc.

On 2010 another company was founded in Qatar in order to penetrate the current market in the region due to the fact of planned public projects to be developed in the next decade in Qatar, such as World cup accommodations, Metro, Hospital community, schools as well as development opportunities in neighboring countries such as Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Abu Dhabi.

Already the company is supplying the ‘Greek Pearl’ marble for one of the most prestigious projects in Qatar the ‘Heart of Doha’.

Apart of the above, joint ventures were done in some strategic places in order to promote our regional business and to be more effective in these markets.

Today the “portfolio” of the company can offer more than 600 different types of natural stones from all over the world which can serve the most demanding customer

Since company’s motto is to “take customers problem and concerns and make them ours” we have created some special “alliances” so we can serve any demands of our customers.

So a joint venture was done in 2003 in Kaliningrad (free Russian zone) in Cyprus and in Hong Kong as well as in Sharjah / UAE named ‘GREEK STONES’.

We have a very good partner in China from where we can fulfill big low cost granites and other materials request, a very powerful colleque in Spain for the international well known materials such as CREMA MARFIL, DARK EMBERADOR etc and a strategic company in Portugal from where we can serve the unique marble of Aurora (Estremoz) but also other well known limestones like MOCA CREAM, MOLEANOS etc.

The company holds experienced inspectors in its staff able to check the merchandise, either coming from our factories or otherwise. In this matter we secure the quality of our material and services.

Special attention has been given to the discovery of new material such as sandstone, limestone, semi precious stones in different treatment, like sandblast, antique, brushed, flammed as well as new colors in order to have a wide selection for our customers.

Emphasis is given to the services for the customers such as consulting on usage of each stone in relation to the mechanical and chemical properties (humidity, absorption) as well as “photo realistic designing” which helps the customer to visualize the final proposal.

We have very high technologies and sufficient network of special treatment for natural stones in order to create unique surfaces and optical miracles by water jet machines and hydro engraving by CNC machines.

Our company offers highly demanding know-how and experience in complicated projects. Moreover the fact that many projects have been completed successfully with high standards concerning natural stones, among them approximately 100 International Hotels all over the world, completes the best recommendation letter for our company’s abilities.

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