First established in 1996 under the name “LOCUS VITAE”, LOCUS MEDICUS S.A. is now located on 4 Sofias Sliman St. in Ampelokipoi, Athens. The company operates as a licenced medical company in accordance with Presidential Decree 84/2001 and is affiliated with mutual health funds of the public sector. LOCUS MEDICUS S.A. combines an interdisciplinary private practice with high-end diagnostic and research laboratories in the fields of Microbiology, Molecular Pathology and Genetics, Immunology and Cellular Biology, Biochemistry, Hematology, Histopathology and Cytogenetics.

In 1996 the founding team of LOCUS-MEDICUS started the first privately owned company which would operate both as a Primary Healthcare Services provider as well as a Research Institute. Since then, both the fields of basic research as well as in applied science, LOCUS-MEDICUS introduced for the first time in Greece (and in some cases internationally) the commercial usage of high-end diagnostic techniques in the fields of  Molecular Pathology, Genetics,  Cytogenetics, Flow Cytometry etc. The introduction of new (at the time) diagnostic tests by LOCUS-MEDICUS in many cases established them as widely used commercially available tests. Thus, LOCUS-MEDICUS established for Greek clinicians and the general public these new diagnostic tests. However, while at the same time, LOCUS-MEDICUS paved the road for competing companies by allowing them to penetrate the emerging market of molecular diagnostics, it nevertheless managed to retain leadership in the market of specialized medical tests through innovation, of new diagnostic approaches for known clinical issues or the introduction of  completely new, internationally patented, diagnostic methods.


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