White Research SRL is a fast developing boutique research and consultancy company headquartered in Brussels and with a satellite office in Thessaloniki, Greece. We offer research services and consulting, policy advisory and communications & public affairs services. We work together with leading EU (& worldwide) companies on the development and implementation of projects and campaigns, as well as academic and industrial partners on large collaborative projects (private sector projects, grants and tenders) in areas ranging from technology, sustainability and mobility to energy, innovation and skill development. In these contexts, we offer our strong expertise in marketing research, data analytics, policy advisory, social research, innovation facilitation, and communications & public affairs. Our team is working in a dynamic, international environment and can benefit from a rapid professional development and an extensive network that covers some of the most well-known private and institutional organisations in Europe.


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Ιστοσελίδα: https://white-research.eu/
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