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COSMINO AG is developing and maintaining its own software solutions for production companies for 30 years.

Amongst those are big companies such as BMW, Daimler, MAN, Bosch, Siemens but also many medium size companies. We are cooperating for more than 10 years with the majority of them, with some even for 30 years!

Our main product - Cosmino MES plus - is an MES software (Manufacturing Execution System) which supports our customers on their way towards the Digital Factory respectively Industry 4.0.


Undoubtedly, we are in one of the most interesting IT-markets: Digitalization of Production and Supply Chain.

No production company anywhere in the world will be able to survive without support of software for their production and logistics processes. Unfortunately we are not the only ones offering such a solution, but in Germany we are a well-known company with a good reputation.


We are an international team with headquarters in Nuremberg, Bavaria, Germany. We insist on mutual respect and good manners. We take care for our team members, who live for extraordinary challenges and have proven to succeed uncounted times in 30 years. The COSMINO team is the key to our company success.

Now, we come to Thessaloniki for long term engagement. Thus, we are searching you to build up a new team here. As part of our COSMINO team you will communicate daily with your colleagues in Nuremberg. Thus the English language is obligatory, if you speak German also, it is even better.

You will be trained in Nuremberg for 3 months. Thereafter you will work in and from Thessaloniki. But in the future also, you will be in Nuremberg from time to time to meet your colleagues and coordinate work.

If you want, you may travel internationally, for example to support the run-up of our software in a new plant. If you prefer not to travel, you will be part of the customer hotline and provide remote support in English language.

Please send your documents in electronic form only.

We look forward to meeting you soon.


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