TOURGREECE was founded in 1979 and in a little over 28 years of operation was transformed from a small size incoming travel agency to one of the biggest, most reliable and successful destination management companies in Greece; operating in 2007 with over 35 full time travel professional employees.

The company, over the years, has developed a keen understanding of the international group travel organizers and has developed a system of servicing their needs that is based on reliability, financial integrity, excellent service for the end client and a strong partnership commitment that is highly appreciated by travel professionals around the world. The company’s business clients have been loyal travel partners over many years and are indeed its most important assets, bringing to Greece over 65,000 tourists, throughout the year, making TOURGREECE one of the most successful incoming companies of Greece.

Given the fact of Greece’s year round mild climate, TOURGREECE was a pioneer in the development of OFF SEASON travel, promoting the LIVELY MONTHS of November through March as a top travel destination in Northern European countries, Canada and the United States. To this present day, every year, TOURGREECE continues to be, not only one of the top incoming travel companies, throughout the year, but also the biggest in Greece during the winter.

Recognizing early the significance of Greek island cruising, TOURGREECE became a strategic partner with many Greek ship owners, operating cruises in the Aegean Sea, featuring their 3, 4 and 7 day cruises in its client’s brochures and also chartering Greek vessels for their ad hoc group movements in the Eastern and Western Mediterranean. This made TOURGREECE, not only a most significant local client in the Aegean but a most important and trusted international player. To this day, TOURGREECE continues to be one of the top sellers of Greek island cruises in the Aegean Sea, having developed new and innovative itineraries for its clients that eventually became a staple offer in the cruise lines’ own annual schedules.

Responding to the needs of its international clientele, TOURGREECE created in 1999 a special department for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events and has organized since then some of the most successful incentive meetings all over Greece, both in the mainland and the Greek islands. TOURGREECE’s concept is to use its experience in the Greek tourist infrastructure to provide superior solutions, based on creativity, imagination, innovation, value for money and service from a team that works efficiently, thoroughly and on time, preparing well in advance and pre-planning everything to the last detail.

In 2001, the Canadian Group Transat A.T. Inc. participated with a 40% interest in TOURGREECE, Inc., which by 2004 became 90%. The founder of TOURGREECE retains the remaining 10% and is also its President.


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