Enerforce is a Company established in 2015 eager to break through new grounds and create added value in The Shipping Industry. Enerforce is based in Cyprus and has an office in Greece to service its Greek clients.

Enerforce was formed by Professionals in the Marine industry with more than 20 years experience, working closely with large and small operators. This broad experience led the developers to combine the practical problems, the strong analytical information in a very practical manner, without the necessity of large initial investment cost. The mission is entirely focused towards adding value for the customer and benefit.

Enerforce people are characterized by their high specialization and their flexibility towards the demanding customer needs.

Maintaining good business relations with our customers is a key factor for Enerforce.

Enerforce is driven by the following statements: “If it is not simple, it cannot work in the marine business and if it is increasing the human effort, has the least chances of success”.


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