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Building on 15 years of experience in the European software market, ULTRA4 assists people and businesses to create better software designed for the future.

ULTRA4 addresses companies, organizations and self-employed that consider their information systems as a strategic competitive advantage and aim to utilize the best technologies in a reasonably priced manner in order to strengthen their growth.

The company was established by a team of ambitious IT professionals with major experience in enterprise software development and related services in the Netherlands, Germany, Greece and Poland.

The company’s product line and services concentrate around the areas of Rich Internet Applications, Portal Sites, Content- and Knowledge Management Solutions, Telecom Applications and System Integration.

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Mission Statement

Our mission is to assist software companies to deliver successful, full-scale enterprise software designed for the future; i.e. software that provides the following fundamental characteristics:

  1. Respects the customer’s investment (short time-to-market, high quality, high ROI).
  2. Protects the existing investments (maximal utilization of existing investments).
  3. Easily adopts to changing external conditions (low or zero coding change effort).
  4. Minimizes human intervention (low or zero administration and maintenance effort).
  5. Is accessible from anywhere (intranet, internet, mobile devices, web services, etc.).
  6. Is absolutely secure (flexibly configurable multiple level security).

Furthermore, we aim to meet the needs of a possibly broad range of end customers with our own innovative software products as well as with the creation of customized software solutions and services providing the fundamental characteristics named above.


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