Alemagou translated from an ancient Myconian dialect to “finally”, was the answer to the desire for a laid-back yet elegant, remote and cosmopolitan and rough yet refined destination. A beach bar - restaurant located at the eastern end of the free-spirited and windy Ftelia Beach. A stylish spot on the sand seems to be all about chilled Mykonos vibes from dawn to dusk. It absolutely offers an all-day relaxing beach experience which culminates in an unforgettable golden sunset.

The concept is holistic, with every element of the project telling a common story and coming together to create an inspirational atmosphere, perfectly suited to the site and the natural conditions: the strong wind thesun and the dry landscape. An environment where the guests can relax and enjoy the cool atmosphere of this bohemian setting combined with flawless service, products and certainly high standards of professionalism.

The culinary philosophy of Alemagou restaurant is simple: the Aegean meets the Mediterranean, meaning beautiful dishes using fresh ingredients from local vendors. Undoubtedly in Alemagou difference is not just a matter of speech.


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