ESCAPE ROOMS are interactive, really fascinating games that can put someone into a role according to the scenario. The goal of the game is to solve a number of riddles, find hidden objects and clues so the players can solve the mystery and escape from the room on time. ESCAPE GAMES have become a worldwide trend of entertainment over the last few years, gaining fans that integrate these games in their daily activity of entertainment, called escape gamers.



complete construction & marketing benefits

  • We design & create premium quality, state of the art themed Escape Games.
  • We can be available in any country worldwide.
  • We train your people how to operate the games and we provide game & maintenance manuals.
  • If you have any questions, problems or suggestions you can call or email our online support department, 24h.
  • Free upgrades: If you do not like a trick or puzzle in the game, we will change it.
  • Autohelp Hint System is an automated way to control and guide the players in the room without having one Game Master operating each room.
  • You can use your own logo and commercial name or come under the GAME OVER Escape Rooms brand ID and marketing kits.
  • Joining our marketing services provide you extreme IT & dedicated Artwork support.


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