Empelor – derived from ancient Greek Εμπέλωρος or Εμπελωρός – connotes a role in ancient Sparta tasked with ensuring a smooth and prospering trade in the marketplace. Trade was not limited to tangible goods in old Sparta. The market was in fact a place to exchange ideas and views, openly discuss visions and suggestions. The officials who were called Εμπέλωροι maintained free and lawful trade of both goods and thoughts in the market. Based on the rules and regulations set by the polis, empeloroi had to oversee the execution of trade and exchange and at the same time guaranteed dialogs and discussions of traders and market attendants to remain productive and undisturbed – ultimately providing undisrupted market processes and balanced market conditions. This is where we at Empelor see our mission in a world of mobile communication triggered by information technology and business demand.

Empelor GmbH develops case-by-case concepts to define, secure, and optimize processes. Our conceptual and implementing work is context-sensitive and proactively targeted towards an easy adaptation to rapidly changing implications and requirements in a world of mobile communication and information technology. Empelor’s strength and commitment can best be measured in the results of our individual work at implementing process security and optimization in highly complex environments requiring high amounts of flexibility. Empelor knows in great detail why it is a no-go to try and reuse prefabricated solutions and off-the-shelf formats. On the contrary, Empelor can protect your mobile communication processes against risks and uncertainties by drafting concepts for effective process-securing countermeasures – pretty much the same way those ancient Εμπέλωροι were successful at keeping any form of disturbance from the Spartan markets through inexpensive and focused interceptions, thereby preventing risky and disruptive situations.

When it comes to decision-making how to make highly efficient and future-proof use of a full spectrum of mobile communication, Empelor GmbH with its comprehensive service portfolio is the firm to talk to. Enabling to maximize benefits from established ways of mobile communication is one of Empelor’s greatest assets. We do this by optimizing and securing a solid framework which will serve as a foundation for evolutionary mobile communication to be fine-tuned into a customized networking platform.

Mobile communication is more powerful even today than frequently suggested by experts. Its capabilities and benefits grow by better alignment to user demand and expectation, not adjusting user behavior to technologically predetermined requirements of existing systems. With our services and concepts we guarantee to let you have your mobile connectivity follow your demand and support your business in an optimal way. We make sure that you benefit from network design in a new dimension by terms of quality and quantity. We are focused on your goals and help you decide on infrastructure and processes which will enable your organization to make use of mobile communication in a hassle-free, highly efficient and absolutely secure way.


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