ISOPLUS, since 1986, is a pioneer in the industry of food supplements in Greece. People are in the center of our philosophy and this is how we turn our vision into action: we provide people natural and effective solutions to improve their health and enjoy a better quality of life every day.
Today we represent two leading companies in food supplement industry, Solgar and Nature's Bounty along with 2 companies providing cosmetic, health and beauty products, and Optima. From 2017, ISOPLUS became the exclusive distributor of Mustela, one of the leading companies in baby care products world wire.
Also, motivated by our love for the healthy way of living, our experience and scientific knowledge, we created our own unique range of food supplements, myelements by ISOPLUS!
With over 7.000 pharmacies and healthy food stores in our network throughout Greece, and more than 100 specialized and committed employees, we promote our philosophy for a healthy way of living, through daily dedication to a healthy diet, mental and intellectual development, and physical exercise.
Dedicated to these principles, we provide our consumers with high quality products from the finest quality raw materials, based on the unique scientific knowledge and experience of the biggest companies of food supplements globally and locally!


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