In the heart of Athens, 'the European city that never sleeps' the ATHENS TIARE HOTEL stands proudly overlooking Omonoia ( Concord ) Square, near the metro.

The all new ATHENS TIARE HOTEL, member of MAGE HOTELS & RESORTS constitutes one of the best hotels in Athens city centre. It is situated near metro, just a few steps away from the entrance of the station. Is located in the historic point of the city centre, overlooking Omonoia( Concord ) Square.

The TIARE HOTEL is one of the most beautiful hotels in Athens. It offers a variety of room types and unique suites. Our newly renovated and redesingned guestrooms, suites and public spaces feature bold accent colours, custom furnishings and state of the art technologies. Through the selection of the guestrooms, visitor has the ability to enjoy the unique view combined with casual, luxury details of interior and living the best reservation experience in one of the best Athens hotels.

Our executive chef Nikos Voulougouris together with our world awarded sommelier wiil offer you a culinary experience you won't forget. Inside, you can find the a la carte 'ARTENSIS' restaurant and the 'AUGUSTA LOUNGE'. Both of them are the best meeting places in the city center.
Our well trained staff will offer you unmatched experiences and will fulfill your requests at any hour.
Our hotel is ready to satisfy the most required customer.

The facilities and the quality of the services which have the leading role, fulfill all the specifications and makes it one of the best Athens hotels.

Why athens tiare hotel

Fully renovated, the all newTiare with it's minimal style, it makes it one of the most beautiful central hotelsof the city. It has an excellent location in the city centre near a metro station. This Athens central hotel is the first choice of visitors, and finally the quality of the guest services has the leading role.

Here, the visitor canenjoy the accommodation in the historical center of the city.

Whether it is for business or pleasure you will find that our high level facilities will satisfy all your needs and even more.

if you want to feel the pulse of the city, the ATHENS TIARE is the place to stay.


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