Access S.A company was established on 2000 in Thessaloniki, Greece and is operating in the field of production and trade of women's garments.

Our main purpose is to satisfy women's needs by following the international trends and creating fashionable, elegant clothes at reasonable prices.

Annually we are presenting and producing 4 collections: Spring/Summer-Summer Flash & Fall/Winter- Winter Flash

Our 2 main collections per year including more than 450 pieces each, from a variety of  dresses, tailoring, shirts, skirts, pants, coats etc.

We have 2 different lines (clothing brands) Access and Spell. Access has all day and cocktail  sophisticated urban style featuring all kind of ladies fashioned  garments, feminine, elegant with body sculptured and fine fitted clothes.

- Access line is offering affordable luxury to a growing base of modern – minded women, bringing an elegant and glamorous angle  to contemporary classics ,helps them to provide their personal style during the day and in special occasions.

- Spell is the second line of Access for women and girls with extra ordinary sensitivity, away from stereotypes, unique, who enjoy the authentic and who, in a natural way, show their concerns and experiences. This line is more girly with a trendy twist style, edge and fashioned featuring comfortable casual and  luxurious  evening clothes.


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