COCO-MAT Eco Residences

Enjoy your accommodation in Serifos:

In a previous life, COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos was a complex of miners’ houses, built in 1910, which has been recently renovated, respectful of both the local traditional architecture and contemporary eco-friendly practices.

Located in the lovely Vagia beach, COCO-MAT Eco Residences Serifos hotelinvites you to ease up, slow down and truly enjoy your time on an island that can offer you the authentic – albeit alternative – Cycladic experience, without any uncalled-for tourist hassle.

Eco residences:

The company’s philosophy is based on the exclusive use of natural materials for the creation of harmonious spaces, where every object has a specific use, but also contributes to the preservation of its user’s physical and mental tranquillity. COCO-MAT’s Interior Design Team has thus equipped every residence with the necessary furniture, beddings and utilitarian objects, all made with natural materials, such as cotton, silk, coconut fibres, natural rubber, herbs (eucalyptus, lavender), goose down, wool and linen.

Serifos a hidden paradise:

Perched on the western edge of the Cyclades island complex, Serifos is just a two-hour speedboart ride away from the port of Piraeus. With her imposing main town of Chora, built at 200 metres above sea level, dozens of picturesque villages, wonderful beaches and a long history, the so-called “Iron Lady” of the Aegean is intriguing and inviting at the same time.

Here you will experience Greek summer at its best: the beautiful and unforgettable shades of white and blue, the people friendly and hospitable, the sea clear and precious as a sapphire. Serifos is full of sights and stories – to discover them, just visit a village, a beach or one of the many remnants of its times past, scattered all over the island.

Whichever apartment type you choose for your stay at COCO-MAT Eco Residencies Serifos, the materials, the earth-toned decoration, the magnificent sea view, the natural air-conditioning and the ample natural light will soon make you feel at home, with the hotel’s most valuable asset, our personnel, ever ready to cater for your accommodation needs throughout your stay.


Κλάδος: Ξενοδοχεία
Έτος ίδρυσης: 1910
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