Foss means light . Foss is what we do. We combine aesthetics and functionality. And we’ve been doing it for years... 

In our state-of-the-art lighting design center, experienced designers and engineers use the latest and most advanced programs, design and calculating tools. We bring our ideas to life using specialized luminaires and complete lighting control systems with modern, functional, ergonomic design and aesthetics, to cover even the most demanding needs.

FOSS has been established in the early 90s creating a new human-centered approach in lighting. We have created a lighting design center with experienced lighting engineers and contemporary studying tools and cooperate with a large number of architects, civil engineers, decorators and manufacturers. Our effort to support the lighting designs has guided us to constant search for luminaries of the highest quality which combine aesthetics with superior performance.

We have studied and materialized projects of great importance all around Europe, ranging from private homes to yachts, from cultural centers to shopping areas, covering the most demanding, unique architectural challenges.


Κλάδος: Τεχνικές-Κατασκευαστικές
Έτος ίδρυσης: 1990
Αριθμός εργαζομένων:
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