Alchemist Labs laboratories are a model research centre of novel and pure ingrdients for the creation and production of absolute pure and organic cosmetics. Equipped with ultramodern production and packaging machines, with a constant education and updating of the staff , they create any type of cosmetic product, that absolutely covers products for the needs of the modern woman. Collaborator with recognized research and technology centres, all our products go through a complete and thorough scrutiny for their microbiological load, with the aim that every product on the market is friendly and absolutely safe, with the purest and most natural products. The creation of every products is a “ritual” for us. From its production to its launching. For us, production industrialization is an unknown term. At any production stage, human element and care participates.

Before its launching, every product is processed more by our hands than inanimate machines. Before launching, we want to know its behavior and that is why we think that our cosmetics are not just handmade, but living organisms.

In our labs, the usage of natural and skin friendly ingredients is a priority.

Our team of scientists, in co operation with institutes all over the world, researches and applies new, modern and organic ingredients, every day, aiming at the creation of novel formulations, free of ingredients that either have been blamed of their harmful properties or are considered by us to lack the necessary specifications, in order to be used for our pure products.


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