DATACONSULTING is a Business Software Company that develops end-to-end software solutions, covering company's daily operations.

One of the areas of our core expertise lies in the ERP market. Our specialized solution “VORTEX SUITE”, is a Software Suite that incorporates four vertical solutions which are: FSM, CRM, ERP, PM.

Our core solution is FSM that is addressed to companies that have a Technical Support department that want to monitor the daily tasks of their technicians as well as the progress of their projects, the repairing and maintaining of their customer equipment, the optimization of their service and further organizing their technical department through the proper management of human resources with the use of mobile application.

We offer a wide range of business software services while we invest in experienced professionals eager to follow the vision and ambitions of the company.In an ever-increasing competitive market environment along with the growing needs of the modern enterprise, our vision is to develop and implement innovative business software solutions for maximum efficiency.

Our philosophy is to consider each company as unique, analyze its needs and implement suitable solutions. Building long-term and transparent business relationships through effective communication and trust constitute our key advantages.


Κλάδος: Σύμβουλοι HR & Επιχειρήσεων
Έτος ίδρυσης: 2007
Αριθμός εργαζομένων: 16
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