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Our research focuses on multiple facets of socio-emotional development. We study cognitive, social and emotional processes and are interested in the observation and measurement of attention, memory, as well as emotion expression and social experience.

Many organizations carry out a change initiative successfully, but then stumble when they try to realize the anticipated benefits. It requires changing the way people behave. Executives who fail to identify and manage the few critical behaviors that need to change will fail go past installation and onto realization. For any transformational change to succeed, people have to think and work differently. And to get these new behaviors to stick, they need to be reinforced and celebrated by a connected group of sponsors throughout the organization, the Excel MindSet Team that will ensure that people at every level understand their roles and are ready to engage. Realizing results is not easy. It takes time, focus, determination, planning and monitoring. In these tough economic times, it's especially important to have an Excel MindSet task force, to champion your effort and frequently update stakeholders on results delivery.

HDP guiding principles for delivering results

Change behaviors & Balance ambitions: Identify the few critical behaviors required to drive results; shift and reinforce behaviors by changing consequences and measuring progress. Articulate a clear and compelling vision for where you're heading - but be realistic.

Shape & Reinforce execution: Shorten your cycle in a way that mitigates ongoing implementation risks. Coach the line and teams for successful delivery to reinforce a repeatable model for change.

Look beyond technology

While building organizational awareness of the need to invest more deeply in IT, it is critical to avoid focusing exclusively on technology. In addition to actual technology, people and processes lie at the core of any successful IT/business partnership. You need to harness the right people; you need to harness changes in process as well as changes in technology.

The HPD Suite of Performance Management Tools allows you to make the value proposition
an integral part of your organization's performance - driven culture

In the end, value is all that matters when implementing new business tools and processes. Value is especially important when the tools are as strategic to the organization's future as the HPD suite of Tools. Organizations that drive performance initiatives with a clear focus on sustainable value generation.

The HPD Suite of Performance Management Tools drives greater business agility and bottom line success.


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