Athens Lotus & White Lotus Luxury Accommodation Hospitality

Athens Lotus

2009: In our quest for reasons why the renovation and re-opening of the neoclassical hotel would be the starting point of a new activity, we chose aesthetic rejuvenation and hospitality as our priorities.

Externally, our choices and desires added the nostalgic memories of old Athens to the neoclassical architecture. However, in the interior one can see that our desire to provide comfortable accommodation in the centre of Athens can become a reality.*

With 31 fully renovated rooms, the Athens Lotus Hotel can become your top choice for accommodation in Athens.

The small café in the lobby was created with a single goal in mind… to make you feel comfortable! We look forward to your visit…

* The interior decorating was designed by architect Leonidas Varaggis.

White Lotus Luxary Accommodation

In 2013, after four years of successful operation of Athens Lotus Hotel , we decided to upgrade our services in order to satisfy our guests.  The White Lotus has 12 new rooms, fully furnished and decorated by the Coco Mat, providing the ideal sleep and relaxation services for your stay in Athens.


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